For 25 years, Premium has been North America’s leading full package T-shirt manufacturer.

Our experienced team works side by side with you to design, develop and deliver your custom product in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

Premium provides the highest quality and consistency, while offering competitive pricing and fast turnaround.


The foundation of our fabrics are superior yarns spun from 100% USA grown cotton. With the right selection of yarn counts and intimate blends we’re able to meet all your custom needs for softer, more durable fabrics.

Manufacturing every component of the product not only enables us to provide the most consistent quality but also allows our product to qualify for preferential free trade status.

    Yarn Types
  • Carded Open End (KPOE)
  • Carded Ring-spun (KPRS)
  • Combed Ring-spun (CPRS)
    Yarn Counts
  • 18’s, 20’s, 24’s, 30’s and 36’s


In addition to our premium jersey fabrics, our diverse knitting capabilities enable us to offer a large selection of quality knit fabrics. We use a circular knitting process with a wide range of cylinder sizes (13” to 30”) to meet your custom needs—ranging from children’s to big & tall.

The following are some of our most common knit fabrics:

  • Jersey
  • Jersey Slub
  • Ribs (1x1, 2x1, and 2x2)
  • Variegated
  • Waffle Rib (Thermals)
  • Cross Dye (2 & 3 Colors)
  • Jacquards/Interlocks
  • Fleece / French Terry
  • Modal/Viscose Blends


We have both Piece Dyeing and Garment Dyeing capabilities. Using the highest quality colorants, we can provide the most vibrant and consistent colors that hold their true tone longer. We use reactive dying that are of the highest quality process but also the most environmentally friendly.

We also have a large selection of novelty dye treatments and washes like crystal, tie-dye, pigment, Potassium, Vintage, Stone, Pearl, Silicone, Enzyme, Bio-Polish and more.

Contact us to learn about our novelty treatments.


The final and most critical step in the fabric process is finishing. We take great pride in our state-of-the-art finishing facility that enables us to provide the highest quality fabrics that are softer and more stable, which minimizes shrinkage and torsion.

Contact us to learn more about our various finishes.


Our large fabric library enables you to easily and efficiently select from the options to create your unique product. Various weight and attributes enable you to meet your desired quality and target price.

The following are some of our most common compositions:

    Lifestyle Fabrics
  • 100% Cotton
  • 90/10 Cotton/Poly
  • 60/40 Cotton/Poly
  • 50/50 Cotton/Poly
  • 50/25/25 Poly/Cotton/Viscose (Tri-Blend)
  • 60/40 Poly/Cotton (Poly-Rich)
  • 100% Poly
  • Tech-Performance Fabrics
  • 100% Cotton (Wicking Windows)
  • 47/47/6 Cotton/Poly/Lycra (Extreme 2)
  • 65/35 Poly/Cotton (Tech-T)
  • 100% Poly (AU-Climate)
  • Jersey Weights
  • 145 grams m2 (4.3 oz/yd2)
  • 155 grams m2 (4.6 oz/yd2)
  • 165 grams m2 (4.9 oz/yd2)
  • 185 grams m2 (5.5 oz/yd2

Cut + Sew

If our large selections of Stock T-shirt styles don’t meet your unique needs we can engineer and develop your custom silhouettes.

You can provide your own specification and bill of materials, or work with our team to make adjustments one of ours to better meet your needs.

  • Tubular
  • Open Width (Side Seam)
  • Set in
  • Styles
  • Raglan
  • V-Neck
  • Crew
  • Tank/Sleeveless
  • Ringers
  • Pockets (4, 5 & 6 Point)
  • Twofers


We offer an infinite number of embellishments including screen-printing, fabric roller printing, embroidery, appliques, laser cut, multi media, heat transfers and more..

See some examples of some of our works here


Premium offers a full range of custom packaging services— including individually folded or hanger packed with poly bags, hangtags, price tickets, size strips, stickers, branded boxes and more.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a mindset and part of our culture.

It begins with design and carries though to delivery. As an approved supplier for some of the world’s most conscientious brands, our Premium quality department has had the great fortune to have been developed, trained and certified by Nike, Adidas and VF

Based on the Lean Six Sigma format of problem solving we utilize the VF PRIDE methodology: Prevention by Recognizing the problem, followed by Investigating it, then to Driving the solutions and Evaluating the results.



Reduce lead times dramatically when using one of our many off the shelf T-shirt blanks. We understand the export business and its need for speed so you don’t miss any opportunities. Any of the following styles are ready to at a moment’s notice so you can get your product at the right place at the right time.


An infinite number of unique T-shirt embellishments are available, including screen-printing, embroidery, appliques, novelty garment dye & wash treatments, heat transfers, sublimation, sequins, glitter, and much, much more.

Contact us for the full range of options.

The following are our most popular printing techniques:

  • Soft Hand - Plastisol

    Soft Hand - Plastisol

  • Soft Hand - Discharge Base

    Soft Hand - Discharge Base

  • Soft Hand - Photo Real Non Bleed

    Soft Hand - Photo Real Non Bleed

  • Soft Hand - Simulated Process

    Soft Hand - Simulated Process

  • Soft Hand - Shimmer

    Soft Hand - Shimmer

  • Photo Real

    Photo Real

  • Water Base - Simulated Discharge

    Water Base - Simulated Discharge

  • Water Base - Print No Base

    Water Base - Print No Base

  • Smooth Print

    Smooth Print

  • Smooth Print - Potassium Wash

    Smooth Print - Potassium Wash

  • Discharge - With Tint

    Discharge - With Tint

  • Distressed Index

    Distressed Index

  • Distressed Crackle

    Distressed Crackle

  • Reverse Print

    Reverse Print

  • Reverse Discharge

    Reverse Discharge

  • Index


  • Index - Soft Hand

    Index - Soft Hand

  • Flock


  • Flock 3-D

    Flock 3-D

  • Puff Ink

    Puff Ink

  • Suede Puff

    Suede Puff

  • Photo Real

    Photo Real

  • Plastisol W/ Liquid Gold

    Plastisol W/ Liquid Gold

  • Sharp Clear HD

    Sharp Clear HD


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers a full range of custom packaging and finishing services—including individually folded or hanger packed with poly bags, hangtags, price tickets, size strips, stickers and more.

Ask about our progressive Direct to Store service that ships product ready to be placed onto the store display right out of the box.


Speed To Market

Premium’s Speed to Market Model developed in 2008 enables us to provide the fastest turn around at the most competitive price in the industry.

Whether leveraging our off the shelf product, or we manufacture and inventory T-shirts to your custom specification, we can ship your full package embellished product within 2-4 weeks. Our strategic geographic location—less then 24 hours from three major ports of export—enables us efficiently and dynamically meet your “at once” needs.

Premium’s Speed to Market service gets you the right product at the right time.

Direct To Store

Premium’s most progressive service is Direct to Store (DTS)—it reduces lead times by circumventing the distribution center.

While we fold, tag, pack and ship your orders straight to each retail door location, you’ll enjoy substantial reductions in lead times, costs per unit and carbon footprint. Your staff opens the box and places the product right onto the store display (no preparation required). Contact us to learn more.

Premium Offices
Corona Del Mar, California
Nuevo Laredo Port
Veracruz Port
Premium Factory
Lerma, Mexico
Manzanillo Port

Shipping + Logistics

Ninety-nine percent of Premium’s products are for export. Premium’s Shipping & Logistic Department has over 25 years of experience.

USA and Canada shipments are organized, consolidated and sent out in one trucking container that arrives approximately 18 hours later at the USA/Mexico border. Premium clears customs for you, and then sort orders in Laredo, Texas. Orders are immediately shipped to their respective destinations or dispatched to your nominated carrier.

We also export to over 28 countries globally and prepare documentation and coordinate the shipment with your nominated freight forwarder.

There are three major ports export with 24 hours by truck from our centrally located facility See map above



Our Premium manufacturing facility was engineered to produce large volume, consistent quality products at the most competitive prices. To provide this level of service, we have the following minimum requirements, and to better service our customer’s needs we also added our Flex Program to accommodate smaller print runs:

Men's Minimum Units
Women's Minimum Units

Lead Times

We understand having the right product at the right time is key to capturing more opportunities and growing your business. The following is our production lead times by manufacturing process:

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